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It has been many years, and and over many many roads that graduates of Ricker College and Ricker Classical Institute have traveled. Since the closing of Ricker in mid 1970's information on, or about Ricker is difficult, if not impossible to find. The individual searching for lost friends or answers to questions about Ricker often runs into dead ends, or receives second hand conflicting information that is not easily straightened out.

The intent of this website is to provide you, the alumni of Ricker, a source to receive factual information on or about the school, locate people still involved on a day-to-day basis with Ricker, rediscover the rich history surrounding this great educational establishment, and most of all ... to let you renew old friendships.

This site is dedicated to you ... the alumni! In-as-much your input, involvement and support of this site is welcomed.  We would like to thank those alumni who have provided financial support to keep this site online ... without them this site would not be possible!

Click here for some photos of the 2012 reunion ...

Ricker Classical Institute ring found its owner after 50 years
By Tim Humphrey
Special to the Pioneer Times

I came bustling into the Pioneer Times office with the excited look of a boy with his new bike.  Only it wasn’t a bike: it was a long–lost class ring from Ricker Classical Institute graduating class of 1949.  The initials, A.E.T. were inscribed inside.  I decided to be a detective and locate the owner of this rare find.  Now to digress to several weeks prior to this time to catch up on the timeline involved. (READ MORE)

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